Using our virtual servers VPS and dedicated servers is strictly prohibited:

  • Any intentional email spam (both outgoing and incoming).
  • Viruses, exploits, botnets, as well as redirects to sites containing viruses and exploits.
  • Child pornography, incest, animal porn, and sites with models looking under the age of 18.
  • Theft and fraud.
  • Constantly load the processor over 80%.
  • If the channel is loaded on a constant basis at high speeds, we have the right to limit it to you.
  • Fraudulent sites, as well as redirects to such sites.
  • Carding and everything related to it.
  • Hacking of government (and not only) organizations and executive bodies.
  • Any activity that may lead to IP blacklisting (SpamHaus, StopForumSpam, SpamCop, Blocklist, anti-virus databases and any other blacklists).
  • Conducting “test” DDoS and other attacks on your server, which can create problems for other clients. As well as organizing DDoS attacks from rented servers.

We reserve the right to block such clients immediately (including accounts registered under other names)!

In case of requests from law enforcement agencies, they will be provided with all the necessary information!

Also prohibited:

  • Online pharmacies with illegal pharmaceuticals.
  • Organization of public VPN services.
  • Cryptocurrency mining.
  • Replica sites / stores selling replica watches, bags, clothes, etc.
  • Port and vulnerability scanning.
  • Proxying projects through our servers / vps
  • Violation of the laws of the country where your server / VPS is located
  • Add and use IP addresses that do not belong to you. If such abuse is detected, we immediately block the server and issue a fine from 425 euros to 920 euros.
  • Any other activity that may cause material or reputational damage to our company.
  • Using non-licensed Microsoft software.

Important information

If your VPS creates problems for other users (powerful DDoS attacks, excessive load on the channel and disk subsystem, etc.), then we reserve the right to limit the load or refuse to provide services at any time and offer a move to a dedicated server in order to ensure the stable and uninterrupted work of other clients. It is better sometimes to refuse one client for the sake of peace and stability of the rest.

For VPS only:

  • Placement of traffic generating scripts, websites and other resources (audio / video streaming, file storage, etc.).
  • Exceed the specified maximum channel load on a permanent basis.

Note: we do not limit the channel when installing the VPS to these values, by default your VPS can use the maximum channel width of the virtualization node, for example 1Gbit / s. We reserve the right to limit the channel only in case of constant abuse or if the excess creates problems for other customers.

Regional unavailability of IP addresses due to blocking by providers, local governments or government agencies is not a violation of this agreement.

Example: The IP address of the ordered virtual machine is not available to a client from Kazakhstan or Turkmenistan due to the blocking of access to IP addresses by the local provider in accordance with the requirements of local government authorities. The provider cannot influence this situation, the IP address is routed and available globally on RIS / RIR servers and traffic exchange points and is technically announced by the Provider to the whole world. In this situation, the Subscriber needs to order a new IP address or a new VPS server, perhaps the new address will not be blocked.

Important! Our company does not position its services as a means of bypassing blocking, we are a Hosting Provider and do not provide the Subscriber with technical capabilities to access the Internet.
If the client cannot use the service and for the fact that there is a blocking on his side, this is not a reason for a refund.