ISPmanager 5

Licenses ISPmanager v5 Lite and ISPmanager Business v5 at the lowest prices

Low price

As an ISPsystem partner, you can purchase from us ISPmanager 5 licenses and other licenses ISPsystem on a 20- 40% cheaper

ISPmanager 5 demo

Evaluate all the features of ISPmanager 5 using the demo panel by following the link

Free update

Free update ISPmanager 5 to version 6 (the first versions will be released in 2019)

Buy ISPmanager 5 licenses

ISPmanager v5 LiteISPmanager v5 Bussines
Used formanaging your personal serverproviding virtual and reselling hosting
Monthly$4.72 $3.90 - Pay now$14.15 $11.90 - Pay now
Annually$47.16 $39 - Pay now$141.47 $119 - Pay now
Supported OS 64-bitCentOS 6, 7 (we recommend)
Debian 7, 8, 9
Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04
CentOS 6, 7
Debian 7, 8
Conversion into CloudLinux 6, 7
Web-service management
Different permissions to users
Backup management system
Data import from remote server
Website builder
Built-in PHP selector
Manage servers from a centralized location-
Reselling functions-
CloudLinux advantages-
Server roles-
Resource usage statistics-
Free updates
To order a license, write to us on the mail or create a ticket. Next will be the possibility of an automatic order. Thank you for understanding.

It is more profitable to acquire a license for "1 year", provided that you will not close your projects for a year or more.

Installing the ISPmanager 5 license

In order to install ISPmanager 5, enter the command shell on your server and run the command:
wget ""

After that, run the installer script:

Follow the instructions of the installer.

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